Baseball in Evansville

Stories From the Cutting Room Floor

Baseball in Evansville: Booms, Busts and One Global Disaster

Description: Baseball exploded in Evansville after the Civil War. Early clubs like the Resolutes, Blues, Brewers, Hoosiers and Blackbirds played, built ballparks, struggled financially and suffered scandals until the early 1900s. A near tragic event fueled the 1915 construction of Bosse Field, now the third-oldest professional ballpark in operation and the host to Major League Spring Training and the filming of A League of Their Own. After World War II, college baseball returned after lying dormant since the 1920s. In the late 1960s, a local entrepreneur attempted to build a third major league. When he failed, the city ascended to the minor leagues’ highest level. Join sportswriter and Evansville native Kevin Wirthwein as he recounts baseball’s illustrious history in the River City.

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